Forrester™ | About Us

Forrester™ is one of the most influential capital funding and brand expansion firms in the world.  We partner with small business owners and leaders of industry alike to develop customer-obsessed strategies that increase your organization’s growth potential and prosperity in this fast-paced technological and economical age. The Forrester™ experience is driven by one powerful principle: when you succeed, we succeed.

Our Clients
Forrester™’s clients are more than just customers – they are our business partners and allies. As a partner you have exclusive access to our cutting-edge services which are designed to cultivate advancement of your small to mid-size business.

Our Values
Forrester™ values the client-centric approach to business. Your ambitions are our priority and our experts challenge themselves to exceed your expectations to bring your dreams to fruition.  As such, our guiding principles, listed below, will create a pathway to success, which we walk together.

Collaboration is key to a successful partnership. With mutual respect as the cornerstone, Forrester™’s business consultations are conversations where both sides are encouraged to fearlessly communicate and cooperate to create the best possible future for your company. Your insight, creativity and honesty is  imperative in the management of your online presence, web design, production, product placement and other issues you face as a business owner.

You have done business on your own all your life up to this point. We cannot fund you at your current position because you want to expand your vision. As an entrepreneur it important to realize when you need help and when it is time for change. Some people rebuke change, some people embrace change, but as a successful business it is important to accept change at any stage of growth to bring your company to the next level. You cannot continue to do business the way you used to- do the same things get the same results.

Integrity is imperative to Forrester™’s business models. Misleading legal or technical jargon is corrosive to partnerships and we are committed to empowering our clients with knowledge so they can respond in the best interest of their corporations. Whether you are registering patents, making online acquisitions, contracting with big box retailers or executing legal action, Forrester™ is upfront and honest, ensuring clarity of all implications before you or we perform any actions. Forrester™ exemplifies courage. We know that few business decisions are without risk, and we do not falter when faced with a difficult decision. The employment of top-notch consultants with extensive experience and expertise is what makes Forrester™ a trusted capital investment and brand expansion firm. Forrester™’s team member’s value quality amongst all other virtues and it shows in with every action we take.

Forrester™’s partnering companies become successful, recognizable and sustainable organizations and each one of them are proud to be part of the Forrester™ family.