Forrester™ believes in sustainability. That’s why our management structure is such that employs the checks and balances of any successful company.

We begin with our Board of Directors and Shareholders. These individuals adhere to the strict Nasdaq guidelines and hold a significant amount of stock in Forrester™ in order to have voting privileges.

Majority Shareholders have the option of participating in board meetings.  Board meeting are held often off campus to Forrester™'s corporate offices.

The largest Shareholder is deemed the Chairperson.  In the event of an equal amount of shares between one or more individuals, the majority Shareholders will hold an election to determine the person best suited to represent the remaining members of the board.

The Chairman of our Board of Directors gathers the ideas and concerns of the shareholders and is a direct link to Forrester™’s CEO.

Forrester™’s CEO is responsible for transmitting the concerns and ideas of the board to the team of Forrester™ experts that work tirelessly to make your small business succeed.

The President and Chief Operations Officer oversees the Vice President's of  the primary departments (Accounting, Legal, Human Resources and Marketing), so that the visions and concerns voiced to the Chairman by the Share Holders and communicated to the CEO (on a weekly basis), who will then provide you (the partnering organizations) with the infrastructure, confidence and un-paralleled growth for your business.